Guided And Assisted Stretching

Guided & Assisted Stretching Sessions

If you’ve never experienced assisted stretching before, then get ready!

With TheStretchLife you can schedule sessions with your stretch coach whenever it’s convenient for you.

Your coach will assist you with stretching and provide you with a personalized and integrated stretching plan.

You can focus on improving specific areas or target your whole body.

Assisted stretching sessions are 25 or 50 minutes. It is recommended to consult with a physician before starting. 

Assisted Stretching

The Science Behind TheStretchLife 

TheStretchLife utilizes low intensity static stretching, PNF stretching and other stretching and mobility techniques to increase flexibility and improve range of motion.

With a proper and consistent stretching routine, most people notice considerable improvements in flexibility, range of motion and energy level in about four weeks.

Book A Session 

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