Hi, I’m Neil.

I’m a husband, dad and the owner of West Cary Fitness.

Business Coach

I created The Stretch Life as a way to promote daily stretching and teach people about the benefits of stretching.

I believe that today it’s more important than ever to be intentional about self-care and wellness. Stretching is one of the best habits we can incorporate into our daily lives.

The idea of The Stretch Life was born out of years of research and personal experience.

I’ve been an active person for all of my life.

In 2014, I completed my first and last a Spartan Race finishing in the top one-third in the male division for all ages.

Unfortunately, that race left me with a back in injury and I was practically immobile for months. I lost over twenty pounds and was depressed.

So what happened?

I missed a key element in my training. The one practice that is foundational for physical wellbeing – stretching.

From that experience, I started researching the benefits of stretching and practicing different stretching techniques.

After being told I would have to learn to live with my injury for the rest of my life, I was able to recover to 100% mobility.

Simply put… Stretching. Changed. My. Life.

You don’t have to sustain an injury like I did to reap the benefits of stretching.

You can make stretching a daily habit and start seeing improvements right away.

I’m convinced that the principles and practices of stretching that you will learn here on The Stretch Life will help you to feel better, be healthier and live better!

Thanks for stopping by!